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10 Best Beaches in Malta: Find The Right Beach For You

You know what’s the best thing about a summer holiday in the Maltese Islands? It’s one whole big beach, with miles of gorgeous coastline, all the sandy coves, crystal clear waters, rocky bays and snorkelling spots that you can imagine. That’s right – even Valletta, which is more known for its culture and nightlife, has its own secret swimming spots.

That said – some beaches are better than others, and you don’t want to miss out on the perfect beach for you during your short break. This is the definitive guide to the best beaches in Malta and Gozo, hitting all the right Mediterranean notes. There’s only one question – which one is the right beach for you?

How to find the best beach in Malta for you

Before picking your shortlist from our winners below, ask yourself this: what do you enjoy best? Are you into sipping cocktails on a comfy sun lounger? Do you enjoy snorkelling and other sports? Do you enjoy curling your toes in the sand or do you prefer diving off a rocky edge? Is it peace and quiet you’re after, or a pumping vibe with music?

Our list of best beaches in Malta and Gozo offers a little bit of everything, so you can pick and mix according to your tastes and mood. The best part? In Malta everything’s within easy reach, so if you’re really committed you can hit two or three beaches in one day

Golden Bay/ Riviera, Mellieħa

These two crescent-shaped bays are right adjacent to each other on one of the most spectacular sides of the Maltese Islands. The views stretch beyond Gozo across the horizon, the dramatic cliffs protecting the sandy coves. Golden Bay is the larger of the two, while Riviera lies at the foot of a long staircase and is flanked by wilderness.

Both bays boast shallow, warm waters that are perfect for lazy paddling and a game of water volley or two. Golden Bay is surrounded with cafes and bars, so you don’t need to plan too much ahead as there will always be food and drink within easy reach. Stay late in the evening to catch the sunset at around 8.30PM.

 St George’s Bay, St Julian’s

A short walk away from Hotel Valentina is St George’s Bay, a sandy beach that attracts a youngish crowd during the summer months thanks to all the bars and clubs in the area. The bay itself is a Blue Flag Malta beach, meaning that it adheres to the highest standards of cleanliness and amenities.

If you’d like to experience scuba diving, this is an ideal spot as there are two diving schools close by. You don’t need to be an experienced diver as there are beginner classes available too

Blue Lagoon, Comino

Fancy a day trip to the tiny island of Comino? It’s almost impossible to refuse when you see the photos of the iconic Blue Lagoon. The water is incredibly clear and you can see shoals of fish swimming by. Dolphin sightings have also been known to happen.

Blue Lagoon is a sheltered beach that straddles the island of Comino and the smaller Cominotto, with the seabed a translucent, almost white sand that allows the sky to shimmer its blue into the water. In short, this is Instagram heaven, so keep your phone handy and don’t forget to stop one of the ice-cream and cocktail boats that do the rounds regularly.

Getting there will be a breeze thanks to the ferry, and we can even set up a special boat trip for you if you prefer something more exclusive.

St Peter’s Pool, Marsaxlokk

The Maltese beach that’s graced thousands of viral TikTok videos, thanks to the lake-like nature of this natural cove. The water is near perfect, but be aware that you won’t find amenities within walking distance. Plan ahead and pack drinking water as the sun can be punishing. Or why not treat yourself and ask the staff at Hotel Valentina to prepare a seaside picnic for you?

If you’re lucky, when you visit you may chance upon the resident doggo that accompanies one of the elderly locals who bathe there regularly. Look out for his graceful dives, and only follow suit if you’re a confident swimmer.

Ramla l-Ħamra, Gozo

Ramla l-Ħamra translates to ‘red sand’ from Maltese, so no prizes for guessing the stunning bright red hue of this sandy beach. Located on the outskirts of the tiny village of Xagħra, you’ll approach this bay from a hill – make sure you stop for a photo op with the entire bay underneath as it looks spectacular.

The beauty of this beach is that, although it’s very popular, it remains very unspoilt. It’s easy enough to find your own peaceful corner of the beach and spend the day swimming in peace, maybe following it up with the Gozitan version of pizza – a freshly baked pie with goat’s cheese topping.

Paradise Bay, Mellieħa

Paradise by name, paradise by nature. This is the northernmost sandy bay in Malta, a natural cove that has been transformed into a world-class beach with all amenities.

You’ll find a lovely restaurant right on the bay, should you want to take a break from the swimming and sunbathing. The sunbeds go right up to the water for that deep nature feel. If relaxation in comfortable surroundings is what you’re after, Paradise Bay certainly delivers.

Ħondoq ir-Rummien, Qala’

Back on the sister island of Gozo you’ll find one of the prettiest beaches ever. Part sand, part rocky, all authenticity as the bay brings the old-world feel that comes from sitting right underneath one of the quaintest villages – Qala’. You’ll find a few amenities such as public bathrooms and mobile kiosks selling snacks and ice-cream, but other than that the beach has been left pretty much as nature intended. Which is one of its biggest attractions, of course.

As an added bonus, you will also enjoy views across Comino and of the old salt pans along the Qala’ coastline

Pretty Bay, Birzebbuga

Jumping back to Malta, this time we’re taking a detour to the south. Pretty Bay is actually a man-made beach, but it certainly lives up to its name with fine, light sand and palm trees. The wide beach is surrounded by cafes and restaurants that adorn the Birzebbuga promenade, so you won’t have a problem recouping your energy. Be warned that, while this is a supremely popular bathing spot, it does lie adjacent to Malta’s Freeport, which gives it a more industrial feel.

Għadira Bay, Mellieħa

This one’s so famous that the Maltese have dedicated an entire song to its beauty. Għadira Bay is Malta’s longest stretch of sandy beach, split into three sections and flanked by rocky coves on the side. If you visit over the weekend make sure you get there nice and early, as all the best spots are taken up very early in the morning.

You’ll find plenty of options for water sports here, as well as bars and restaurants on the beach itself. As for the views, you can admire the endless stretch of turquoise reflecting off the sandy seabed, with glimpses of the magnificent Mellieħa church and luscious green fields on the side.

Imġiebaħ Bay, Selmun

Here’s one for those who enjoy going off-the-beaten-path. This sandy bay is like a little hidden jewel, and it can be tricky to find unless you know exactly where you’re going. Worry not, as our Hotel Valentina team will help with this! This beach is best reached by rental car, and you’ll find a small field that’s used as a car park right on top. A five minute walk will get you to the glittering, blue green waters. Make sure you take some water with you, as you won’t find any kiosks or restaurants here.

Accommodation in Malta: Where to stay

Boasting everything from restaurants, bars, clubs to family-friendly attractions and shopping malls, St Julian’s is the most popular area in Malta. Hotel Valentina is located right in its heart, a short walk away from all the attractions and beaches as well as easily connected to the rest of the island by public transport and by ferry.

Get in touch to find out about our special summer offers – the hotel is equipped with all amenities, whether you’re travelling for leisure or for business, and we’ll certainly help you make the most of your stay in Malta.

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