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From quaint traditions to food specialties and beach ideas, we’ve got you covered in our guide to the ultimate spring break in Malta

Planning a short break over spring? An Easter holiday on the Maltese Islands offers a kaleidoscope of fun, food and relaxation, peppered with history, culture and fascinating traditions.


This is the best time to visit Malta, as the balmy Mediterranean climate is truly at its best, so you will also be able to get ample hours of beach time and sunning before the heat truly hits. This guide contains all our top tips for a flexible holiday itinerary, making sure your spring break includes a bit of everything.


Join us as we guide you through the must-do activities that offer a true taste of Malta; we’ve gathered the most authentic experiences for magical memories – and a stunning Instagram reel, of course!

Celebrate Easter with the locals

The Easter holiday is a big deal in Malta, and we have myriad traditions and little rituals. We’ll let you in on a little secret – the best events are not the ones you see advertised everywhere, they’re the ones that happen among the tiny communities scattered around our old towns and villages.


If you’re spending your spring break in Malta, dropping in at one of these events is a must-do if you’re after genuinely authentic experiences. Although these events have their roots in religion, over the years they have evolved into a mix of culture, music, food and wonderful rituals that hark back to the history of this important feast.


You’ll find many impromptu theatrical events and artistic exhibitions related to Easter in villages like Mosta, Paola, Haż Żebbug and Siġġiewi and our team at Hotel Valentina is always on hand to help set up any outing for you.


Top of our Easter must-dos is the Laferla Cross Pilgrimage in Siġġiewi, where you’ll see the entire village and the hill leading up to the iconic cross lit up with hundreds of fjakkoli (torches) and candles. Be warned that it’s quite a steep walk up the hill, but you’ll be rewarded with views all over nighttime Malta!


The next day sees the neighbouring town of Haż Żebbuġ welcoming Maltese and Gozitans from all corners of the island, eager to witness the spectacular parade that marks the Passion of the Christ. There’s music, pageantry, horses, Centurions from Roman times… the entire town is transformed into one enormous outdoor theatre that is the ultimate Easter celebration in Malta.

Spend Good Friday in Valletta

Good Friday activities in the capital of Malta are undoubtedly worthy of this UNESCO World Heritage site. Most Valletta residents will be out and about in the morning, with the city being abuzz with activity thanks to the ritual of the Seba’ Visti (the Seven Visits).


This involves visiting seven churches around Valletta – it doesn’t matter which ones you pick, as they all feature stunning baroque architecture, artistic masterpieces from the likes of Mattia Preti, Giuseppe Cali and more. Of course, if you’re an art-lover it would be a pity to miss St John’s Co-Cathedral, as this is where one of Caravaggio’s most famous paintings – The Beheading of St John – is housed, as well as the majestic Rubens tapestries and the iconic marble flooring.


Stop for a leisurely lunch at one of the restaurants and cafes that dot the capital and stick around till 5PM. This is when the Good Friday procession starts, with dramatic statues, and pageantry to rival that of Haż Żebbuġ.

Enjoy a massive Easter lunch with Maltese specialties like figolla

Food is a huge part of the Maltese Easter holiday tradition. Walking around during Holy Week you’ll notice tiny makeshift stalls selling seasonal specialties like Qagħaq tal-Appostli (Apostles’ Ring), a soft bread with a crunchy crust that’s covered in sesame seed. The Karamelli tal-Ħarrub – small candies made of carob syrup – are a bit of an acquired taste, but worth a try.


Drop into one of the classic confectionaries, such as Cordina’s, for coffee and a slice of traditional figolla – these are luscious pastries with pure almond filling, baked in a variety of shapes like rabbits, chickens, hearts and more. You will also find them served as dessert at many restaurants on Easter Sunday, together with the kwareżimal. The latter is a bittersweet, soft cookie made of flour, sugar, orange rind and ground almonds.


A traditional Easter Sunday lunch is served at most restaurants, with roast lamb and potatoes for those who would like a hearty meal. However, you will also find many other vegetarian and vegan options available nowadays for those who prefer.


Make time for a sunny picnic

Easter break is an excellent time to enjoy Malta’s and Gozo’s more remote spots, taking in the sunshine and the vistas while enjoying a delicious picnic basket. Buskett Gardens is a protected woodland area that offers shade and gorgeous greenery. If your tastes run towards the more dramatic, Dingli Cliffs are a spectacular option; make sure you stay around for the beautiful sunsets over the tiny islet of Filfla.


There are plenty of other spots, of course. You can choose to picnic on the Valletta coastline, with views of Grand Harbour, or maybe trek along Mellieħaħa’s nature trails. Our team will offer you advice on which are the best areas, in line with how energetic you’d like your walk to be. And, of course, we can also sort the yummiest picnic baskets for you, complete with some Maltese wine.

Hit Malta’s famed beaches

It might not be summer yet, but the weather’s certainly warm enough to sunbathe and even for a dip, if you’re brave enough. Many visitors to the Mediterranean insist that this is the best time for a short break, as the beaches won’t be too crowded and the water is at its cleanest.


Malta’s has some great beaches to suit all tastes. Sand lovers will adore Għadira Bay and Golden Bay, not to mention the unique Ramla l-Ħamra (Red Sandy Cove) on the island of Gozo. If you enjoy snorkelling, the beaches along Sliema and St Julian’s are ideal, and you can even set up a diving session.


If you prefer something more sophisticated, we can direct you to plenty of upscale lidos, where you can enjoy cocktails, music and all the poolside amenities you may wish for.

Accommodation in Malta - where to stay

All set for your Easter short break in Malta? We’re ready to host you at Hotel Valentina, in the heart of St Julian’s, a cosmopolitan seaside town that’s grown into a beautiful entertainment hub. Hotel Valentina offers accommodation in Malta that’s within a short walking distance of the best restaurants, the hottest nightspots, shopping malls and markets, as well as lovely beaches.


Get in touch, and we’ll do the rest to make sure you have a memorable spring break!

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