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Malta is a small but beautiful island in the middle of The Mediterranean Sea. Despite its small size, there is much to see and explore.

While there are many ways to experience the beauty of Malta, one of the best ways is on foot. Walking trails offer a chance to discover the hidden gems of the island. Here are the best walking trails in Malta:

1. Ras Il-Waħx Trail

Ras Il-Waħx is a scenic trail that starts from the picturesque beach of Golden Bay and leads to the crystal blue waters of Anchor Bay. The route offers beautiful views of the sea and the Maltese countryside. The trail is not particularly challenging but requires sturdy footwear and sunblock! 

This trail is approximately 5.3km long and will take around 2 hours to complete.

You can find it here:


2. Għadira Bay to Slugs Bay

Not far from the Ras Il-Wahx Trail, this trail is one of the most scenic on the island. The trail starts from Għadira Bay and takes you along the rugged rocky coastline all the way to Slugs Bay. Along the way, you will see some amazing sights stretching all the way to Selmun and Qawra Point Beach.

This trail is approximately 4 km long and will take you 1 hour to complete.

You can find it here:


3. Comino Island Walk

Comino is a small island located between Malta and Gozo. The island is known for its beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. The Comino Island Walk takes you around the entire island, allowing you to explore its beautiful coastline, salt pans, and natural caves. It’s important to note that Comino is a nature reserve, and hikers should take care to preserve the island’s delicate ecosystem and wildlife.

This trail is approximately 10 km long and will take you around 4 hours to complete. 

You can find it here:


4. Ta’ Ċenċ Footpath

Ta’ Ċenċ is located on the southern coast of Gozo. The trail starts at the Ta’ Ċenċ Cliffs and takes you along a rugged coastline with stunning views of The Mediterranean Sea, the surrounding countryside and Malta, Comino and Filfla! This trail is best suited for more experienced hikers due to the heights of the cliffs. Be cautious and wear appropriate footwear.

This Trail is approximately 4 km long and will take you around 1 hour to complete. 

You can find it here:


5. St. Julians to Sliema Promenade

The St. Julians to Sliema Promenade is one of the most popular walks in Malta. For those of you looking for a more ‘paved’ experience, this promenade takes you along the picturesque coastline from St. Julians all the way down to Sliema, offering stunning views of the sea and the city skyline. Along the way, you will pass by several restaurants, cafes, and shops. If you’re staying at Hotel Valentina, the promenade is easily accessible and makes for a perfect morning or afternoon walk.

This Trail is approximately 8 km long and wll take you around 2 hours to complete.

You can find it here:


These are just a few of the many walking trails that Malta has to offer. Whether you are looking for a challenging hike or a stroll, there is a trail for you. So put on your walking shoes, grab your water bottle, sunscreen and camera, and hit the road. You won’t be disappointed!

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